Welcome to Outspoken

We are a publisher and record label and promoter for independent musicians and authors.

We are particularly interested in authors and musicians who write of their experiences of life be that in artistic prose, or matter of fact style.

As a company, we try to champion some of the lesser known Charities that do amazing work and are often overshadowed by the larger charities who have large budgets for promotion.

We have great respect for those larger charities who often do amazing work as well however with Outspoken we look for the charities that are smaller and less recognised.

Each project we take on has an element of contributing something back to society and from this aspect, we are an extremely small team and do not take salaries from our projects at all.

Our costs are fully documented and we aim to cover costs and then once these are covered we aim to contribute to charity and some of the great people in our world.

Our charitable interests do not have international boundaries.

We have been involved with small, grassroots projects in, Kenya, India, Burma and Thailand as well as projects in the UK like the British Red Cross, and a children’s ward at the Royal Surrey Hospital.

We are delighted that you have visited us today and if you wish to take a look around then please feel free to purchase, or enquire about your own projects.

Thank you so much for visiting.

The Outspoken Team